Join Alix as she searches for her place in the nerd world in Girl vs. ...

Ready Set Geek!

Let me start by saying that I am very aware that girls play video games just as well if not better then boys, but I am just not one of those girls!  When I play first person shooters I die because I can't figure out how to use the head.  I get stuck in corners and I can't see anything and then BANG I'm dead. 

For another week of Girl vs, Alix is away on her mission halfway across the world leaving the fate of her section in the hands of another. 

Dr. T and Jason Patrick Galit have all taken their cracks at it.   This week though the fate of Girl vs are in someone else’s hands…


For one week only, Project N.E.R.D. is in charge of Girl vs and it is going to be fantastic.  

Food is one of the central tenets in the formation of any culture.  Culinary traditions are passed down through the generations perhaps more readily than any other.  Nerd culture is no different.  From pizza with D20s to popcorn at the latest Marvel flick to having someone sudo make you a sandwich, food and nerd culture are inextricably intertwined.  And, as with anything that has some sort of cultural significance, it is very, very difficult to fit in when you cannot partake of the experience.

Since Alix is jetsetting around the world right now, visiting the Western Wall and camel riding, I’ve been asked to fill in for her section. Being that I have a Y-chromosome, I don’t understand why I was the first choice, but I’m going to err on the side of caution and consider this a compliment. I’m not usually used to writing in this style; it feels extremely informal, and I’m fumbling with the keyboard with every keystroke. But, I will try my best, in hopes of Alix bringing me back something cool from halfway around the world.

In my last article I decided to open up and share who I am and what I’m about. Let me just start by saying I am very aware that I am not a writer. I don’t claim to be! My writing skills are equal to a twelve year old girl lying on the bed with her legs in the air, writing into a pink diary with the saddest lock the world has ever seen. Jason is a writer. If you want thought and insight, check out his article every Friday. So that being said I wrote my little article anyway and to be honest I was just excited I finished it. I am a procrastinator at heart and something being due Monday at noon means that I’ll just start it Monday when I wake up and see what happens. 

This is my first article of Geek Say What? Ever. I have done many podcasts and college radio shows without a problem. I felt like I was at home when I was put in charge of social media. Then I was told I had to have my own section on the website. Cole is doing videos, and Jason is writing articles, but don’t really know what’s left for me. I know if I made videos they wouldn’t be nearly as funny as Cole’s because I don’t move around like a cartoon character. I don’t have the knowledge, the focus, or the interest to write well thought out articles with information that has been checked and confirmed by multiple sources. So where did that leave me?