Girl vs. The Article

This is my first article of Geek Say What? Ever. I have done many podcasts and college radio shows without a problem. I felt like I was at home when I was put in charge of social media. Then I was told I had to have my own section on the website. Cole is doing videos, and Jason is writing articles, but don’t really know what’s left for me. I know if I made videos they wouldn’t be nearly as funny as Cole’s because I don’t move around like a cartoon character. I don’t have the knowledge, the focus, or the interest to write well thought out articles with information that has been checked and confirmed by multiple sources. So where did that leave me?

It left me with one of my favorite things… An Adventure!!! ”Girl vs…” is my new adventure. It’s going to be whatever I want and whatever I feel like on the day I decide to be productive. Sometimes it will actually connect to what I’m supposed to be writing about. (Geeky things… and stuff.) Sometimes it will be a vent of my lack of understanding of some boring thing the boys are into and I just don’t get. No matter what it is, its gonna be fun.

I thought I would start my first one with my level of geekiness and I how I feel in the world of nerd. I wrote an entire article, and had it edited by Dr. T (the genius in charge of us.) then I attempted to fix what needed fixing. I was all set to turn it in and be responsible, but then I forgot. I went about my life as usual, and when I was finally reminded to turn in my work I realized I wasn’t proud of it. It’s not bad, but to be honest it just felt like I was trying to tell you how I feel about random things instead of telling you who I am so here it goes…

I’m a smart girl, but I’m not always the brightest.  I tend not to think before I speak even if that means asking questions that are far too personal for a normal person to be asking. Oddly enough people tend to answer me, which is probably a big reason why I still do it. Well that and I just don’t care enough to stop. My lack of caring brings me to the next important thing you need to know. I am kind of a bad person with good intentions. I don’t try to be totally mean all the time, but it always comes out that way because of that whole being a bad person thing. Truth is if I hadn’t gotten into all the nerd stuff at some point I would still be mocking the people I’m friends with now. (Although to be honest I still make fun of them so I guess I haven’t changes all that much.) Last but not least, I will lie, cheat, and steal to be right about something. Cole and Jason are both aware of this fact and although Jason is not the biggest fan of this action Cole has a habit of teaming up with me at any cost. We make a pretty good team if I do say so myself.

Why is this at all important? It’s important because if you don’t know who I am then you can’t understand where I’m coming from. If you don’t know where I’m coming from then what’s the point of reading this? I know I can’t follow people I don’t care about so I’m hoping that you now have a little insight into “Girl Vs…” you will be able to reach out and share with me as well. 

Till next week… Keep it Geeky!