Girl vs. Myself

In my last article I decided to open up and share who I am and what I’m about. Let me just start by saying I am very aware that I am not a writer. I don’t claim to be! My writing skills are equal to a twelve year old girl lying on the bed with her legs in the air, writing into a pink diary with the saddest lock the world has ever seen. Jason is a writer. If you want thought and insight, check out his article every Friday. So that being said I wrote my little article anyway and to be honest I was just excited I finished it. I am a procrastinator at heart and something being due Monday at noon means that I’ll just start it Monday when I wake up and see what happens. 

I asked my friends their opinions on my piece. Even though it’s crap, it should at least be decent crap. The reviews came rushing in…all six of them. Six people means that the reviews should be pretty similar right? WRONG!!! I was told I was surprisingly and possibly awkwardly too open with my feelings. I was told I was boring and not open at all. I was told I sounded like a total B. And last but not least I was told that I had the best post out of Cole, Jason, and myself. 

As confusing as all of this is to read it was even more confusing to hear. I decided that maybe I should just avoid the diary scene and go on to make a Vlog instead. Not my best plan… at least not yet. The first one I did I actually ran out of things to say, which for anyone that knows me is a pretty big deal. The second one I did was on Christmas shopping for nerds. Sounded easy enough. Except that it wasn’t. I hate shopping! I don’t buy for practicality, I buy for cuteness, and then what you do with it is your problem. 

Needless to say, I gave up on that one too. Then I decided to Vlog about Vlogging. This is where the self-conscious in me came out. Instead of talking about Vlogging I somehow got onto the topic of body image in the world of geek. Although that is a great topic and I will one day do a Vlog about it, today is not that day. In fact no one should ever talk about body image during the holidays… ever! It’s just too sad. (As I take another bite of this amazing cookie!) 

The realization hit me that no one was going to read/watch this anyway because it’s Christmas Eve. People are with their families trying not to kill each other. With this in mind I made a picture collage of the geeky things I actually like. SO BORING!!! It was boring to make and even more boring to look at. I like the dumbest things! Most people like super heroes, and me I like anything that’s cute or adorable. Also if people want to look at pictures they can just go onto Instagram or Pinterest (which I will learn to use one day). They don’t need to do it here. 

This is when I tossed in the towel, pulled up my Ipad and started playing games. That’s when it hit me… Who cares? This is supposed to be fun, and I am going to have fun doing it. If I want to write an article that sounds like I’m five then I will. If I come off boring or like a total B then I apologize. That’s not my intention. I just want to be able to talk about how hard it is being a girl in a boy-driven industry, or how hard it is being new in a world that is already so established.

I don’t know if it will be in video form, picture form, or maybe even another diary post but be sure to come back next week for Girl Vs…

‘Till next time… Keep it Geeky.