NERD vs. Netflix

For another week of Girl vs, Alix is away on her mission halfway across the world leaving the fate of her section in the hands of another. 

Dr. T and Jason Patrick Galit have all taken their cracks at it.   This week though the fate of Girl vs are in someone else’s hands…


For one week only, Project N.E.R.D. is in charge of Girl vs and it is going to be fantastic.  

True it will be the first time this section will be written by someone who stands over six feet tall which gave me the brilliant idea of what this VS section will be about.

Nerd vs Height!

You see, growing up the world was so big.  You could go to Toys R Us and the aisles would look like they would never end.  The McDonalds rec room was like traveling to another world where the ball pits were endless and the slides seemed to go on forever.   Even going shopping was a strange experience because the aisles were stacked so high and the endless horde of people made it impossible to see far away.

Then the growth spurt happened and everything changed.

Even though my family, doctors, and soothsayers all said it was I that was growing, it felt more like the world was shrinking.  

The world shrunk so fast that it almost felt like I was teleported to another world.  Now wouldn’t that be brilliant?  Teleported to another world, ah the endless possibilities and questions that come from that.

What would it look like? Could I breathe? Would I be a giant? Would I be an ant? Would there be dinosaurs? Would I have super strength like Superman?  That’s just the surface of the questions and so I came up with this awesome idea.  

Nerd vs Another World!

Then again, I did just say everything I would say in the set up so I really don’t know where I would go from there.  This is like that feeling you get when you’re all packed and ready to go only to discover you can’t find your car keys.

No matter where you look, the keys have vanished.  You’ve looked in all of the usual areas: the counter, the couch, your bed, yesterday’s jeans and they are nowhere to be found. 

It was as if you placed the keys somewhere new for the first time ever and then you ran into one of the Silence and you instantly forgot.  Of course, there is a possibility I just lost a few of you with that Silence reference.  

The Silence are an alien species that make you forget you ever saw them the moment you take your eyes off of them. 

They are from Dr. Who.  Well, more like they are characters from the TV show Dr. Who. Well maybe we can say more like a movement.  

This moment, actually, just gave me another idea of VS.

Nerd vs Making Obscure References!

Of course, I could always just write about another more devious VS.

So devious, in fact, that almost all of you have been infected and can connect to this VS.


What do you do when you don’t want to go out?  When you are feeling sick? Or even, maybe, putting off an errand that can always wait till the end of an episode?

Oh yes, we are all guilty of this.  Netflix has put on all of our TV shows, old movies, and even documentaries into one spot where you can watch them all with no commercial interruptions. 

 Nothing to bring you back to reality.  Nothing to snap you of it.

All you have to do is click next episode and boom it’s there.  No waiting.  No huss.  No fuss.  

All at the click of a button.

Some even get lost in a series and pick up on mannerisms they don’t normally have because it’s what you’ve been watching for almost 12 hours now.

For me it may have been Dr. Who.  Now take my word and Run!

Don’t lose yourself to the void of Netflix.  Just leave it otherwise there may be nothing left of you if you don’t.  Now run!