Welcome to Nerdconomics

Welcome to Nerdconomics!  This new segment of the Geek Say What website will focus on using the domestic arts to craft a little more nerd into your life.  I’m sure that for many of us, high school home ec would have been far more interesting if we had been able to create part of a cosplay for Comic Con, rather than, say, a floral throw pillow.  Nerdconomics will encourage you to explore your geeky passions in new ways, and provide you with tips, tutorials, and inspirations to let you help your nerd flag fly (literally - we could totally make a nerd flag you guys!).  Topics of nerd inspired domesticity will include:


  • Introduction to Cosplay - Learn about sewing, fabric, patterns, and more!  Also get ideas about how to use these skills to solve real-world nerd problems, or use them to make yourself some every day nerd gear.

  • Nerdy Meals and Recipes - Try delicious and healthy recipes inspired by our favorite characters, comics, books, tv, and movies.

  • Book Recommendations - We can’t spend all our time in the kitchen!  And reading interesting books will provide you with excellent topics for discussion at your next nerdy dinner party.


We will have something new and nerdy every week, so be sure to check back regularly.  Feel free to leave requests and questions in the comment section below, and please show us your nerdy makes on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Until next time, this is Dr. T reminding you to get your hands nerdy.