On the Table at WonderCon

Here’s what’s on the table: WonderCon


I apologize for the delayed post, as I spent most of last week recovering from WonderCon and going to my big-boy job. So where to begin? WonderCon was pretty awesome, especially on the tabletop gaming side of things. Last year’s WonderCon only had one tabletop related panel, but this year we had TWO! Impressive, right? Indeed it is. Let’s not forget to mention the gaming area, which saw a significantly larger amount of activity than previous cons.


The first panel that I attended was for Geek & Sundry’s “The Latest from Geek & Sundry! Wil Wheaton’s TableTop Season 3 and the new scripted series Spooked!” So this panel wasn’t entirely about Tabletop gaming but it was pretty close. A majority of the panel consisted of a status update of the crowd funded TableTop Season 3, which reached its goal and has almost reached $800,000. Contributions are still being accepted and you can make yours here. The most amazing part is that if they are able to reach $1,000,000 they will launch a new show that revolves around RPG’s, where they will run through campaigns and show in live action why RPG’s are amazing. If you’re not familiar with Wil Wheaton’s TableTop, you can find it here.


The second panel I went to was the “Golden Age of Tabletop Gaming,” which was hosted by Boyan Radakovich. Boyan is the producer of TableTop and a huge promoter and advocate for tabletop gaming. The panel consisted of Boyan discussing the current trends in tabletop gaming and the effects of the TableTop show itself, along with the increased popularity and involvement for International Tabletop Day. To sum most of the panel up, popularity is increasing thanks The Big Bang Theory, Geek & Sundry’s TableTop, Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop day, and various other TV shows like the IT Crowd. Following this panel I had a chance to talk to Boyan for a brief second, to present an idea that I have, which I will not disclose just yet, but soon perhaps. Boyan also offered to be a quest for my post, which I think is pretty darn awesome. As if being a huge advocate for tabletop gaming wasn’t amazing enough, he even invited people to join him in the gaming area to play games with him! I unfortunately had to spend the rest of my day scavenging for trade books, but next time, I will definitely challenge him.


Unfortunately, I have fallen a little under the weather and my head has been feeling like a large child has been sitting on it for at least three hours so this is all I have for you folks.


Until next time, roll straight, roll strong, roll precise, and always remember…heart of the cards.