Tabletop Day

Here’s what’s on the table: Tabletop Day.


April 5th, 2014 marked the 2nd Tabletop Day ever and by golly it was an amazing one. Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop did a live stream of gaming and there were thousands of events hosted all around the world. I was with the Geek Say What? team as we co-hosted a Tabletop Day even over at our local board game shop, Dice House, located in Fullerton, CA on State College and Chapman.


Overall the event went very well. Dice House had a great turnout and we were able to get some great exposure to promote our podcast to a lot of great geeks. I personally took part in some gaming and won a few games and lost one...due to some unreliable advice from a source in which I should’ve known not to trust coming from...ahem...another GSW member. Regardless, I had a lot of fun, interacted with some great people and hopefully gained some new followers.


For pictures of the event, please be sure to follow our Geek Say What? facebook and instagram.


As a prize to all of our winners, we gave out some Marvel Tin’s from the ‘90s, some limited edition lithographs from Bioshock and Watchdogs, and a collector’s edition strategy guide for  Reckoning.


The Geek Say What? team also took part in some other games throughout the day. Dr. T took part in a game of Compounded; a game of building chemical compounds through careful management of elements. Dr. T and I also took part in a couple of games of Inkognito, which was a game of secret identities and inquisition. I won both games by the way. Jason and I took part in The Resistance where we were both on the resistance side, and of course, the resistance won.

All in all, Tabletop Day was a success, we made some friends, some new fans, and had a lot of fun gaming. We’re looking forward to next year where we hope to have a larger group of fans and even greater gaming prizes.