Relic Nemesis Expansion

Here’s what’s on the table: Relic Nemesis Expansion


As some of you may know, last week the new expansion for Relic from Fantasy Flight Games came out. Words cannot describe how excited I was when I made my way to my LBS to pick it up. So over this last weekend, a few of us from the Geek Say What? team got together to test this bad boy out.

But before we dive into it, I’ll tell you a little bit about Relic for those who don’t know. You can find all the information here.

Moving on!

Just kidding, I’m not going to make you read. Why would anyone want to read about a game when you can just…read…what…I’m…saying? Hmm…let’s forget the whole reading comment. Well to sum things up and I apologize if I don’t make this sound glamorous, Relic takes places in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and is based on the same system used in Talisman. Still too vague? Very well. The board is split into three tiers where the objective is to complete missions, fight enemies, gain levels, acquire powerful items, and fight your way into the center of the board.


Prior to the new Nemesis expansion the game did not have a player vs. player system incorporated into the game, however with the new expansion, now there is! Included in the expansion is now the ability to play as a “nemesis,” which adds a few game changing mechanics. Since Relic was an adaptation of the Talisman system, they were able to streamline a lot of the game play and balance some of the challenges with chance factors. One of the changes was dice being able to explode on a “6” allowing the player to roll an additional die which allowed for players to actually have a fighting chance against the dreaded, fate of the draw, pulling a monster with strength 14 when you are just starting out with a strength of 3. They incorporated a mission system where you had to complete certain tasks, and upon completing three missions you were able to acquire a “relic” which was the Talisman equivalent of a “talisman.” Have I lost you yet? Yes? Good.

(Side note: You know how I wrote that post about gaming etiquette? Look at these heathens with their full glasses of water right next to the board! I don’t care if I was the one that gave it to them, LOOK AT IT! The cup is almost touching the board. Let’s not forget I also gave Jason a chocolate covered ice cream bar and told him to make sure none of the chocolate got on the board. And what did he do? He got a piece right in the CENTER of the board. I digress…)

So with the new nemesis factor, it forces players to move a little faster and to play more strategically. Originally players were trying to beat each other to the main objective in the center of the board, but now, they also have to stop the nemesis from winning. When the nemesis attacks a player, gains a level, or acquires certain items, he gains infamy. Once the nemesis reaches 25 infamy, he wins, and the only way to stop him is to either kill him, or win first. The new expansion also allows for a total of 6 people to play versus the original four player limit.

These are just a few of the major changes added by the Nemesis expansion, so if you already have Relic, I recommend getting the expansion and if you don’t have Relic, what’s the matter with you? Go buy it or find someone that has it and play it.

And in case you guys were wondering, I played the Nemesis, Moarn Goreheart, World Eaters Berserker, and it was a lot of fun.

That’s it for me. Until next time; roll like you mean it.