Nerdy State of Mind

Can you be nerdy about about anything?


…..Oh, you wanted me to elaborate? Sure.

Being a nerd or geek has historically had negative connotations and I’ve always wondered why. Think about it. Being nerdy or geeky just means that you’re really interested in something. For some reason it became wrong to be absolutely fascinated by something. Everyone is entitled to like what they want to like. So why do comic book fans, video game fans, Trekkies and many other types of fans get singled out? Maybe we all should take a step back and take a look at what it actually means to be nerdy today.

Frankly, if you aren’t a nerd about something, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re a very boring person to hang out with. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who has none of the same interests as you? Talking to somebody who isn’t nerdy about anything would be just like that, except worse. There would absolutely be no chance of finding common ground and having an engrossing conversation. When a person claims to not be a nerd at all, I just have to wonder what they do with their free time. Do they just go home after work and sit on their couch quietly? I really hope that there aren’t people like that.

I honestly think that everyone is nerdy about something and some people just may not realize that they are one. Sports fans, car enthusiasts, and gun nuts are all nerds. No, seriously. They all have a deep appreciation and wealth of knowledge for their respective interest, but because I happen to like comics instead of cars, I get made fun of. I can get laughed at for liking comics, which often has men in tights performing amazing feats of strength. Football fans, however, don’t get ridiculed for liking a sport that always has men in tights performing feats of strength. We’ve already heard the comparison that fantasy sports is just Dungeons and Dragons for sports fans, but it goes further than that.

A weekly sporting event is just like a weekly comic convention. What? You don’t believe me? Read this: “This weekend there will be a large gathering of like minded people, who are dressed in themed clothing, are open to others who are dressed similarly, who closely follow the same interest and who cheer when anything good is announced about their favorite franchise.”

Did I just describe a basketball game or a Star Trek Convention? If you like sports, you’re a sports nerd. If you like cars, you’re a car nerd. If you really like watching reality TV shows, you’re probably a nerd about awful TV shows.

Nerdy is more of an attitude or state of mind. Take a look at your own hobbies and look at at the truth: you’re a nerd. Whether you’re into about video games, comics, sports, or macrame, be a nerd about it. You’ll become a more interesting person and much happier in your free time. Let go of negative connotations and stereotypes and embrace your inner nerd.