Expanding Your Nerdiness

Part 01 - KublaCon 2014


Welcome to Part One of my look into all the different nerd fandoms. I decided that life is way too short to only be nerdy about the stuff I already like. So, that’s why I’m going to dive into the fandoms of things that I know practically nothing about. Why should I only be into Star Wars? Why shouldn’t I check out Star Trek as well? And why just stop at franchises? Why don’t learn more about legitimate theater and stage acting? Or how about actual science instead of the ridiculousness of the science that created most superheroes in the golden age of comic books? I mean, how many people just had chemicals spilled on them only to gain super powers? Anyway, my first stop on Expanding Your Nerdiness will be KublaCon 2014.  


KublaCon 2014 is one of the larger tabletop gaming conventions on the West Coast. Created in 2001, when ManaFest and GameCon combined, KublaCon has been dedicated to all sorts of hobby gaming. Any game that includes dice, cards, figurines, and sometimes weird costumes will be represented at the convention. I’ll be exploring my inner dungeon master AND getting confused over the countless rules in Warhammer 40K.


I chose tabletop gaming as the first installment of this series because I have some familiarity with it, and to be honest, I need a break from video games. Tabletop gaming brings in different dynamics between players, fantasy stories and keeping a poker face all under the same roof. It’s a fascinating hobby that seems to be getting more and more traction every year. Also, it seems to have all the elements that would lure me in anyway. It’s a new type of gaming for me and it’s time to investigate.


I’m really not sure what to expect going into this convention. Sure, I’ve had a taste of tabletop gaming thanks to some of the good folks at Geek Say What?, but I’ve never been immersed in the hobby gaming culture. I’ve heard and seen all the stereotypes about people who play tabletop games and I’m sure it’s all exaggerated. Growing up as a nerd, I understand being ostracized and ridiculed for being interested in something that many people may consider odd. So, I’m going to be as open minded as possible and dive in dice first into this new fandom.


I’m definitely looking forward to jumping into a new category of nerd and getting to know a brand new community. And I’m looking forward to getting to know all the other nerdy communities out there. From Star Trek to star gazing, nothing off limits to this series. I’ll be reporting in with this series as often as I can, so grab your 20 sided dice and get ready to get far more nerdy and geeky than you ever expected to.