Heroes of Cosplay Recap: Episode 9

My reviews of Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay continue!  Today we are looking at Episode 9 - Animate! Miami!

Episode 9 Recap

In this episode we get our LA girls (Jessica, Holly, and Chloe) deciding to (once again) team up.  They will be creating costumes from Dragon Age, including a new character to be played by Chloe.  Syfy/Crabcat/someone important uses their connections to get the girls an interview at the Bioware Headquarters to discuss the character designs.  Holly will be a female inquisitor, Jessica will be cosplaying as Morrigan, and Chloe as Sera, a new lady elf romantic interest for female inquisitors.  In Atlanta, Yaya Han is trying to revamp one of her old costumes, Princess White Rose from Sage Frontier, and works to create costume perfection.  We also get to meet two new (male!) cosplayers in this episode - Carl Martin who is based in Austin, Texas, and Miguel Guifarro, from Queens, New York.  Carl scours the Cathedral of Junk to look for inspiration for his Silent Hill Mannequin costume.  Meanwhile, Miguel fights the NY weather in the hopes that the resin coating on his Digimon Blackwargreymon costume.  We get to see a lot of the construction process for everyone, though we also get to see that the LA girls outsourced some of the seamstress work to Jessica's friend Jenny.  When everyone arrives at the con it is clear that Miguel and Carl are old friends, and that everyone else "knows" each other (though how much of that is real and how much is from the show is debatable...).  The group has a slightly awkward cocktail hour the night before the competition (wherein Miguel has a 3-cherry appletini, and Carl proceeds to blow bubbles in his chocolate milk).  The day of the contest everyone must go through pre-judging (where the costume details are scrutinized up close by the judges), and then give a 30 second on-stage performance.  Miguel's Digimon is called out by Yaya for being unfinished in pre-judging, as is Jessica's use of her friend's seamstress skills.  Carl's outfit lacks the polish of the others, is awkward to maneuver, and falls apart a bit on stage.  In the end the LA girls win best group, and Miguel and Carl go home empty handed.


This episode had a lot of interesting points to consider.  (1) Yay to Bioware for including a gay character, and promoting that character through the television show.  It was a bit odd that they didn't ever refer to the character as being gay, but they did pretty much state it without actually stating it.  The super awkward on-stage kiss between Jessica and Chloe only drove the point home (though, technically, the kiss should have been between Chloe and Holly, but I don't need to pick nits...).  (2) Yay more male cosplayers!  Nice to see the representation be a bit more balanced on the show.  Although both Miguel and Carl had somewhat cocky attitudes, their personalities were quite fun and I enjoyed watching them on this show.  Hopefully they will be back in future episodes.  (3) The awkward cocktail hour - hilarious.  It's like the ladies are trying to have the "conversation" that Syfy is scripting them to have, Miguel is just there to enjoy his cherries, and Carl is so over the whole thing he resorts to blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk.  Everyone else doesn't quite know what to do with him at that point, and the whole scene feels totally awkward.  On the one hand, if I were actually having drinks with friends, I wouldn't put up with the bubble-blowing nonsense.  On the other hand, knowing how much of this is staged/scripted, I sort of land on Carl's side of this fiasco.  Why would I want to waste time at a Con with a bunch of people I am "supposed" to be friends with, rather than hanging out with my actual friends?  Just sayin'.  (4) The ladies discussing the "appropriateness" of Carl's shirtless floor cosplay.  It seems more than a bit hypocritical for girls who recent dressed as "burlesque ladies of the internet" to condemn a man for going shirtless.  (5) It seemed like we got to see a lot more construction footage than normal, which was totally fun!  More of this please Syfy!


Feel free to discuss, dismiss, or debate any of these points in the comments section!  Until next time, this is Dr. T reminding you to get your hands nerdy.