We Didn’t Play Test This at All

Here’s what’s on the table: We Didn’t Play Test This at All.

On Saturday I picked up a new card game, which isn’t really new, but it was new to me. The game is actually called, “We Didn’t Playtest This At All,” and it is amazing. Now I know all the hardcore gamers and the tryhards are going to rant about how this game is stupid and the mechanics are all flawed and with good reason, but that’s like getting mad at Sharknado because there were too many plot holes. This game is easy to pick up, and each game runs anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 minutes…if you’re lucky.

The game starts with each person being dealt two cards, and then the first player is chosen in the fashion in which this game was derived; at random. Now the first player draws a card and plays a card, then his turn is over. Here’s where the fun kicks in. The cards that make up this game have their own rules and they are to be followed at all times. Just to give you an example of a few of the cards here are some:

Some of the text of the Dragon card is covered, but basically the way this card works is you take it and put it in front of another person, if the dragon is there by the end of that person’s turn, they lose. As you can see on the Spite card, if someone wins, you can use it so that no one wins. Silly? Stupid? Dumb? Yes. But damn it I love it. So from you can gather, the game is completely random and you can lose for whatever reason at any time. But sometimes the randomness is on your side. As we were playing this game one person had a “Banana” card, which quite literally said this is a banana, place it in front of you it will protect you from zombies or something like that. So not knowing that there were even zombie cards in the deck he played the card for the sake of playing it. The next player drew a card and played it, and it was a zombie card that attacked everyone, except for whoever had a banana. This game is so random it’s amazing. Needless to say this makes for a great drinking game. Also, if you thought playing tabletop games in general was a sure way to make friends into enemies, this game will make it happen exponentially faster the more you play. Now the game has a few expansions, which add even more randomness to the mayhem. One of the expansions that we picked up requires the use of dice and unfortunately, we only had two sets of polyhedrals on hand so we played with those. The dice expansion has cards with rules on it and is designed so that only one can be used per game. So the first one that we picked up required me to pick a die and roll it, then everyone else had to pick a die to keep for the remainder of the game. Each time someone took a turn, they had to roll their die higher than mine, which is pretty difficulty when I roll an 18 on a D20, and the other player only has a D6. So yes, they automatically lose.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun party game that won’t break the bank, I recommend picking this one up. The base game can be purchased directly from Asmadi Games for $15 dollars and you can get all the expansions including the core game for just $45 which is a pretty good deal. If you’re not convinced of how fun this game can be, just wait until you’re five beers in and you have to yell “Comic Sans is awesome!” each time you play a card or better yet, not being able to use the words “win” or “lose.” Personally, I think this is one of the best card games I’ve ever purchased because I think it’s hilarious.

That’s all I have for you. Until next time, roll like you mean it.