The Geek Say What? Network is a passionately run organization of podcasts, with a website & social media presence devoted to all aspects of popular culture and entertainment news. Though we employ a method of self-teaching through experience in running a business first-hand, fans and clients alike will find that our passion for popular culture is fun, engaging, and thought-provoking.


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The Ready Set Geek! podcast focuses on the introduction, entertainment value, and critique of geek and pop culture. Every other week, Alix, Cole, & JPG describe their experience with a new fandom or activity that they’ve taken part in, while providing opinions and discussion on recent pop culture news events. Interviews with celebrities and guests are common as well, highlighting that every person has a “geek side” they’re excited to share.
The Geek K.O. podcast is our bi-monthly trivia podcast, where Justin & Ish invite a third “Challenger” from the GSW? Network to answer trivia questions of a special guest (our “End Boss”). Focused on relevant pop culture releases (movies, television, etc.), the podcast is placed “On Pause” to speak about the subject and their guests in an in-depth manner.
The Geek Offensive podcast is our free-form, in-depth podcast that at times contains explicit and mature content. While our other two podcasts are described as “PG-13,” Producer Justin and Comic Shop Ken afford the flexibility for the GSW? Network and its guests to speak freely without the restrictions of appropriate language or themes.