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My reviews of Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay continue!  Today we are looking at Episode 9 - Animate! Miami!

Last week I posted my thoughts on the return of Syfy’s controversial reality show, Heroes of Cosplay.  Due to a massive list of commissions, I won’t have much time to post original recipes or cosplay tutorials in the next few months, so I am going to take it easy and continue to review this show through the end of the season.  It should be interesting to see if Syfy has addressed any of the overwhelmingly long lists of criticisms in the editing and scripting of this show, or if it continues to portray the cosplayers as a bunch of petty children who get pouty when they don’t win a prize.  Either way, should be an interesting ride!

Syfy’s semi-hit, quasi-reality television series, The Heroes of Cosplay, returns tonight for the continuation of its first season.  The show provides a documentary-ish style look into the lives of several high profile and professional cosplayers as they work to build costumes, win contests, and advance their careers in the costume and prop-making industries.  Aside from generating viewers for the Syfy channel, it has also stirred up quite a bit of commentary from the online cosplay community.  Of course, for a show that I feel can be best described as “Toddlers and Tiaras for Adults,” I wouldn’t expect anything less.

We are heading back to the kitchen in this week’s Nerdconomics!  Today we are celebrating everyone’s favorite plumber - Mario - by making a mushroom stuffed dish that is sure to make you feel like you just got an awesome power-up!  

The last time we did a Cosplay 101 post here on Nerdconomics, we discussed the basics of buying a sewing machine.  And after picking out a shiny new (or old - we like vintage machines too) toy, you are probably thinking great!  I have a machine and now all I need is fabric, some thread, and a bit of practice.  You hoof it on over to your local craft store to pick up some supplies, and stand amazed at the racks overflowing with a rainbow of twine.  Aside from the color options, the vast array of thread types can be completely overwhelming as well.  Hopefully today’s post will add a bit of clarity to choosing thread for your cosplay.

We are taking on the culinary arts in this week’s Nerdconomics!  The recent release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 inspired me to create a tasty dish fit for our favorite web-slinger. 


This week I am doing a continuation of my WonderCon 2014 wrap-up, as well as giving a shout-out to the recently announced Hugo Award Nominees.  Last week I talked about all things cosplay; today I will be taking a look at the writers and artists who helped create the stories our fandoms have come to love and celebrate.

WonderCon 2014 was held over the Easter weekend (April 18 - April 20, 2014) at the Anaheim Convention Center.  The entire Geek Say What? team was there to enjoy the atmosphere, energy, and fun that can only be had when surrounded by a crowd of nerds in their element.  We also happened to enjoy the food from our sponsor, Burger Monster, but that is good anytime, anywhere.  While our podcast hosts, Alix, Jason, and Cole, ran around advertising the podcast and filming some great video content for you guys, I did the Dr. T thing of sitting in panels, taking notes, and gathering knowledge.

There are many ways to do cosplay, and not all of them require you to create fabulousness from raw materials.  However, if you try cosplay and find you really enjoy it, then somewhere along the way you are probably going to want to construct pieces yourself.  At which point it would be really handy to have your own sewing machine.  Today on Nerdconomics we will discuss the uses of sewing machines, what to look for, and buying options for beginners.  

In light of the recent release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I thought it might be fun to recommend a great book that is somewhat tangentially related to the plot of the latest blockbuster from Marvel.  Although the historical events of “Operation Paperclip” are only briefly mentioned, the results of this governmental endeavor play a significant role in the plot development of the film.